Go, Go, Giddy-Up
Vinny Van Gogh

My Dog Named,
3 Eyes

This song is “Country”

My friend Amy Wilson of Malibu, California, and I, sing the songs above.

My song ‘HER CHILDREN’S TEARS’ tells a truth denied by a nation that constantly brags to its citizens they are living in the richest country the world has ever seen. The nation has millions of children, women, and men existing in the condition conveyed by my illustration and accompanying song lyrics. The homeless are proof of what Wall Street rats; criminal schemes by big banks; deregulation; income disparity; globalization; unlivable minimum wages; no health insurance except for the privileged; greedy dishonest business owners; and greedy corrupt politicians have created.

Disclosure: I am the only person responsible for the drawing and lyrics. Musician, Tom Roller, did an outstanding job of writing the melody, performing all the instrumentation, and singing my song. Neither the above text, nor my song lyrics are his work.

The lyrics of all songs and artwork on this site were created by Larry James, and he wrote the music for YOUR FOREVER LOVE. On piano is Carol McArthur. All other melodies and music were written and performed by Tom Roller. Some songs have Paul Hilton on acoustic and steel guitar accompanying Tom. And, Tom Roller sings ‘back-up’ on my Little Dancin’ Chick song.

All recordings done at Platinum Studio, Van Nuys, CA., Paul Hilton, owner, musician.

© 2017 by Larry W. James
cell: (805) 252-5289

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September Rose Searches for Hidden Gold

september roseSeptember joins with a group of kids to search for a treasure of gold rumored to be hidden by a prospector in the Superstition Mountains in the state of Arizona. She is allowed to bring her curious pet Pongo Pongo, a small young elephant, to help her look. Over the past one-hundred years, thousands of gold seekers have tried and failed in their search for the elusive treasure. September’s and Pongo Pongo’s adventure proves to be very exciting and challenging! A map of Arizona, statistics, and color illustrations of the state flag, tree, flower, and bird are included. 5.5”x8.5” 25 pages.
*Thousands of copies of this book have been purchased by people in the U.S. and in countries around the world.





flymanA nuclear-isotomic meltdown occurs while a secret scientific experiment is conducted by the U.S. Government high atop a mountain in New Mexico. One scientist is lucky to survive. Radioactive forces cause instantaneous deformities and mutations to his body. Following his narrow escape from death he stumbles upon Miss Blondie-Blue, a detective for the United Police, with World Headquarters in San Francisco. She’s searching for clues of a past abduction near the base of the mountain. They become friends and join forces to combat crime on our planet. The scientist learns to fly, and is named, FLYMAN. This is a super interesting book and at the same time very educational. Detailed maps and facts about California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington are included. 5.5”x8.5” soft cover, 35 pages.


In Remembrance of a Young Arizona Girl (Poem)



Larry W. James, author. January/2011